"Union TV" was created for local ottawa restaurant Union 613, as a way to spread their love of community, fun, and food. This first episode served as a way to get to know some of the staff through some of their most interesting industry stories. My roles on this project were lead editor, motion graphics, director of photography, camera operation, audio recording, audio editing, and lighting.


This motion graphic animation was made  for the local micro brewery Beyond the Pale. The video visualizes the brewing process and serves as a fun and informative advertisement. My roles on this project were lead editor, lead animator, and pre production elements.


The Dermis video series was created as an advertisement for Dermis Advanced Skin Care. Showcasing women entering the next chapter in their lives who take care of and are comfortable in their own skin. My roles on this project included lead editor, camera operation, audio recording, and audio editing.


The CBFA is the worlds largest conservation project, covering 72 million hectares of boreal forest. This video was created to help explain their mission and goals in a way everyone could understand. The video was used by the CBFA at conferences and events to showcase their goals as they traveled the country in 2014 raising awareness. My roles on this project included pre production work, audio recording, audio editing, camera operation, lighting, director of photography, lead editor, and subtitling.


 Real Talk with Ross was a campaign created for Ottawa Coldwell Banker First Ottawa Realty, aimed at attracting young agents. The series was styled to resemble a dramatic documentary style television program surrounding the dynamic team and leadership at Coldwell Banker. My roles on this project included various pre production elements, lead editor, lead motion graphic editor, director of photography, lighting, audio recording, audio editing, and camera operation.